On behalf of the EEHYC Executive Board member Dovilė Adamonytė during this high level meeting raised the some important issues about youth collaboration problems with the Focal Points in the countries, updated previous activities made by the EEHYC on climate change, air quality, chemical safety aspects in the European Environment and Health Process, shared our future plans, initiatives on preparations for the Mid Term Review meeting and energetic prospectives.

The youth coalition participation in Environment and Health Process is a huge input making the problems visible and actual.

Do you know, that even though EU Member states commited to involve young people and youth organisations in their national programmes on environment and health and report regulary on this metter only one third of the countries reported that youth organizations are involved in the EHP and that there policies to support their engagement . Out of the 28 countries that responded to the policy survey questions related to youth engagement in the EHP, 60% reported involving youth organization in the EHP, and 50 % reported the existence of a policy to support youth involvement in the EHP.