The competition was organized with the aim to raise awareness of young people on the issues related to transport, health and the environment in Europe, and to draw the attention of the public, policymakers, and relevant stakeholders to the views of young people on these issue. The competition was organized on the eve of Europe High-level Meeting on Transport, Health and the Environment which took place in Paris on the 14-16 April 2014.

In general in the competition have participated 90 people from 19 countries: Azerbaijan, Serbia, Moldova, Italy, Romania, Estonia, United Kingdom, FYR Macedonia, Georgia, Portugal, Kazakhstan, Austria, Bulgaria, Belarus, Slovakia, Lithuania, Turkey, Poland and Russian Federation. Among these 15 entries were for the video category and 75 for the photo category.

The winners: Justina Guobuzaite from Lithuania and the photo “Enjoying the summer, improving the health” and Daniela Karaivanova from Bulgaria and the video “City in Motion” are invited to join the EEHYC meeting in Germany in July 2014, were they will get a chance to present their creation and to meet EEHYC members.

Photo competition winner
Video competition winner

Report of the Competition.pdf