The meeting aimed to review what has been achieved from 2010, when the parma Declacation on Environment and Health was signed and the document European Environment and Health Process (2010-2016): Institutional Arrangements was adopted by Member States, until today, as well as to set the priorities for the period leading up to the Sixth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health in Europe which will be held in 2017.

In the Parma Ministerial Declaration, Member States committed to involve young people in the European Environment and Health Process (EHP). As representative body of young people from WHO European Region in the EHP as a stakeholder group, hence a member of the EH Task Force, the EEHYC also reported on the progress regarding youth participation in the implementation of Parma Declaration Objectives, and expressed its opinion on what needs to be done next and how the young plan to be involved. Full report on EEHYC Participation in the EEHP Mid-Term Review meeting is available in Annex 1.

EEHYC participated in the meeting in numerous ways. Some of EEHYC involvements during the MTR:
1. Oral interventions from EEHYC representatives in 3 sessions (Annex 2) in which the importance of youth involvement was strengthened and the weight of the cooperation between EEHYC and Ministries of Environment, Health and EducationYouth, schools and universities was emphasised. More importantly, Youth delegation called for establishment of EEHYC in all 53 member states.
2. EEHYC President was part of the pannel in Session 3 – Challenges and lessons learned, where he had a 7 minute speech followed by a question and answer session in relation to his presentation (Annex 2).
3. Our Coalition had a poster designed by organizers and presented at the poster exhibition alongside those of some Member States and other stakeholder groups. The poster is presented Annex 3.
4. Video presentation in the plenary, showing examples included in the EEHYC Publication. Video is available here.
5. Presentation of the winning video of the 2014 photo and video competition “City in Motion, People First” organised by the EEHYC. Video is available here.
6. EEHYC organised a Pedometer competition, encouraging the meeting participants to “walk the talk”, in line with the objective on promoting physical activity outlined in Parma Declaration.

The EEHYC was represented by Adrian Vasnic, the President of EEHYC, by Dovilė Adamonytė, Vice-president of EEHYC, and by Natalia Ciobanu, member of EEHYC Advisory Board.

Annex 1 – Full report on EEHYC Participation in the EEHP Mid-Term Review meeting.pdf
Annex 2 – Full texts of interventions made by EEHYC representatives during the sessions and Presidents speech.pdf
Annex 3 – Poster presented by EEHYC during the MTR meeting.pdf