The Economic Resources and Education for Development Centre CREED hosted the Second Strategic Meeting of the Executive Board of EEHYC in Piatra Neamt, Romania.

The meeting was attended by all the 5 Executive Board members, Adrian Vasnic (President), Alina Bezhenar (General Secretary), Antonio Marques Pinto (Vice President), Dovile Adamonyte (Vice President), Jovana Dodos (Vice President) and the two advisers, Natalia Ciobanu and David Rivett.

The meeting was focused on:
1. The internal workings of the EB
2. Ways of improving efficiency and team building
3. Plans for attending the scheduled Mid Term Review Meeting in Israel
4. Setting up of National Platforms and planning in anticipation of a Bonn meeting for EEHYC EB and National Platforms representatives in autumn of 2015

During their presence in Romania, EEHYC EB and advisors attended a meeting with the Mayor of Piatra Neamt and organised a press conference with the purpose of strengthening the cooperation with both the local authorities and local organisations interested in environment and health. In order to enhance the frequency and quality of environment and health activities in the area, as well as to increase the organisational capacity of EEHYC, EB has managed to secure, with CREED support, a regional office in a public building, awarded by Piatra Neamt municipality, free of charge, with the sole purpose of contributing to the sustainable development of the local community.

Following the Strategic meeting in Romania, EEHYC is committed to setting up National Platforms in all the countries where National Youth Coordinators are active, as well as hosting, later in the year, a first meeting between the EEHYC and National Platforms representatives in Bonn, with WHO support.