The Environment and Health Youth Coalition had the honor of participating and representing the voice and interests of young people from 53 World Health Organization (WHO) European Region Countries at the Sixth meeting of the Working Group on Health in Climate Change (HIC) in Bonn, 12-13 June 2018.

The Working Group on Health in Climate Change (HIC) has been established under the European Environment and Health Task Force to facilitate dialogue among Member States and other stakeholders in the WHO European Region on matters related to climate change and health, as well as communication and implementation of commitments to protect health from the adverse effects of climate change. The meeting was the first one after Ostrava on the topic of Climate Change with an aim to review the progress on the implementation of the commitments related to Climate Change.

EEHYC presented the work relating to Health and Climate Change and reaffirmed the Member States and other relevant stakeholders that young people are more than willing to meaningfully participate in processes related to climate change and health.