On 29-30 November 2016 the EEHYC participated in the EHTF, which took place in Vienna, Austria and was hosted by the Government of Austria.

As the first day of the Task Force meeting was overlapping with the last day of the International Youth Conference (which was also held on 27-29 November in Vienna), the over 70 young people from 33 countries in the WHO European Region joined for the beginning of this next event as well.

The EEHYC is a full member of the EHTF and can therefore contribute to discussions and represent the views of young people at the negotiations of the Ministerial Declaration on Environment and Health.

Taking into account the outcome of the International Youth Conference – the Vienna Youth Position Paper – the EEHYC underlined the following requests in the EHTF meeting concerning the Member States:

  • advocating greater engagement of youth and endorsing the establishment of EEHYC national platforms in each of the WHO Member States;
  • integrating youth representatives on Environment, Health, Mobility and Transport issues in decision-making processes on governmental level with the aim to achieve meaningful youth participation on a national level;
  • increasing formal and non-formal educational programmes and raising awareness among young people regarding environment and health matters.


After sending the proposals to the WHO Secretariat, they will be included in the revised draft and so provide input for further discussions at the following EHTF meeting that will take place before the Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health in Ostrava, Czech Republic in June 2017.