EEHYC Executive Board

Mariia Iemelianenko

Mariia is a Focal Point of National Environment and Health Youth Platform in Ukraine. She has been actively involved in the Environment and Health Process since 2013. Mariia got her MSc in Public Administration in Ukraine. In 2014, she completed public health leadership program of John Hopkins University in USA and currently provides media support of different projects at WHO CO in Ukraine.

Erikas Jansonas

Erikas is a fourth-grade student of Public Health at Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine, with special focus on sustainable environment field. During his studies, he is actively involved in the Student Government, he is a president of Public Health Scientific Activity Group with which he became a partner of National EEHYC Platform in Lithuania in 2016. Participates in the Environment and Health process as the EEHYC Executive Board member from 2017.

Antonio Marques Pinto

Antonio is medical doctor and the President of Portuguese Young Doctors’ Association (AJOMED). He is a General Council Member of the Portuguese Medical Mutuality Union and Member of the Commission for Ecology and Health Promotion of SRNOM (North Regional Section of Portuguese Medical Association). He also holds a Master’s Degree of Health Care Economics and Management.

Danilo Arsenijevic

Danilo is a doctor of medical dentistry from Serbia. He has been active in the WHO European Environment and Health process since 2010. Danilo won the European Commission’s competition for promotion of health of young people in Europe in 2009 as well as several other awards.

Sara Zauner

Sarah is a law student from Vienna, who focuses on environmental law. She has done voluntary projects including the Children’s Environment and Health Action Plan for Europe (CEHAPE) and is currently the Austrian Youth Delegate for Environment and Health assigned by the Austrian Youth Council. She joined the EEHYC in 2016 when she became part of the Executive Board.

EEHYC Advisory Board

David Rivett

David has worked in the fields of child an adolescent health and development throughout his career, with their participation as a central theme of his work. During his time as a Technical Officer in the WHO/EURO Child and Adolescent Health programme he was involved in the participation of young people in the European Environment and Health Process through the 2004 Ministerial Conference in Budapest, where the Children’s Environment and Health Action Plan for Europe was launched. He has been involved ever since, acting as a facilitator in building and establishing young people’s participation in the programme and supporting the creation of the EEHYC.

Natalia Ciobanu

Natalia is a PhD student in Environmental Sciences with focus on resileince of socio-ecological systems. She has been involved in the establishment of the EEHYC as a youth Delegate from Romania and further as a member of the Organizing Group of EEHYC from 2012 to 2013. She has been a trainer, facilitator and project manager in a number of environment, health and education projects since 2007, and is further supporting the establishment of EEHYC as an advisor, building on both her professional experience and participation in the European Environment and Health Process since 2010.

EEHYC National Youth Coordinators

Julia Baschinger

My name is Julia, I am now 22 years old and still hear my little 10 year old self in my head saying: “we better start doing something otherwise there won`t be much left when I am older.” At that time I didn`t know what could be done but time passed by and I did my environmental volunteer year at the climate alliance office in Vienna. During this time, I organised my own environment projects, mostly to raise awarness among those people who don´t think that protecting our environment is important, and I started studying political science. I know a lot more than I did back then and met a lot of wonderful people believing in the same things that I do. But still I´ll never stopped caring about environmental and social issues. As small as the changes around us may seem – they all are important to the process of living in an environmentally safe world without prejudices and selfishness.

Filip Brnicevic

Filip Brnicevic is the president of O.A.ZA. an NGO from Croatia that is helping young people to become role model leaders who will address burning global issues, and become proponents of sustainable development. He has been participating in Erasmus for Young entrepreneurs through the Eco valley foundation, who has developed an eco-village for 150 inhabitants. Further, he has worked in the United Nations Development program in the Environment Governance office and led the Sustainaware project with 8 global partners.
Due to his experience in entrepreneurship, organizational development, coaching and mentoring, he has taken the responsibility to be the mentor for other National youth coordinators from WHO member states.

Marika Tsereteli

Marika Tsereteli is a National Youth Coordinator from Georgia. She is physician of Infectious diseases, working in V. Bochorishvili Anti-Sepsis Center, Tbilisi, Georgia. She is also a member of NGO – Institute of Public Health. Marika has been active in this process since the 5th Ministerial Conference in Parma, Italy, 2010.

Marcello Pacitti

My name is Marcello and I live in Lucca, Tuscany. I am studying the science of tourism at Pisa University. I am a member of the Italian Society for Health Promotion. I was the 3rd President – and am still a member – of DiTestaMia HPG, an italian youth association for promoting health. I first became involved in the European Environment and Health Youth Coalition in 2012, when I became an active member of the EEHYC’s Organizing Group for over a year. I work part-time in the secretary’s office of Società Italiana per la Promozione della Salute.

Gulnara Zhenishbekova

Gulnara Zhenishbekova is from Kyrgyzstan and involved in EEHYC since Parma conference in 2010. She has MSc in NGO Management and currently working as Communication, Youth and Adolescent Development Officer at UNICEF Osh Zone office, Kyrgyzstan.

Dovile Adamonyte

Dovile is a Public Health specialist from Lithuania. She is currently studying for her Masters in Public Health Epidemiology and also works in the Health Promotion and Diseases Prevention Centre under the Ministry of Health. She became a member of the EEHYC in 2012 and has participated in the Environment and Health process as an EEHYC Executive Board member and Vice president since 2013.

Anna Semeniuc

I’m a second year PhD student at the Academy of sciences of Moldova in Botanic and the Chief Department of Forest Research and Projects in Moldova. I have participated in a number of projects connecting landscape design and forestry and was active in establishing a landscape design magazine in Moldova. I have participated in IUFRO conferences and have had a few pieces of work published. I became a member of the EEHYC in 2013 as the National Youth Coordinator for the Republic of Moldova.

Aleksander Zarzeka

Aleksander graduated in law and is now a second year master student in public health. During his studies he was actively involved in the Student Government, EMSA Warsaw and ELSA Warsaw. For more than two years he was editor-in-chief of the Medical University of Warsaw Students Magazine “Galen”. He became a member of EEHYC in 2012 and participates in the environment and health process as a member of the communication group and co-author of project on advancing water, sanitation and hygiene in schools.

Pedro Marques Pinto

Dr. Pedro Marques Pinto is a medical doctor and Executive Board Member of the Portuguese Young Doctors’ Association (AJOMED). In parallel to his clinical activity in Portugal he has done research in the Department of Tumoral Pathology of the Medical Sciences Faculty of Fukui University (Japan) and a clinical internship in the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery of Bydgoszcz University Hospital (Poland). He is currently specializing in both family and occupational medicine. He holds a Master’s Degree of Health Care Economics and Management from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Porto, and works also as consultant and business development manager in a private company.

Adrian Vasnic

Adrian from Romania, accredited Project manager and Trainer, Entrepeneur and Founding Member of CREED – a regional Romanian Youth NGO focused on sustainable development, describes himself as being impatient and results oriented. Just as Eleanor Roosevelt, he too believes that, “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their own dreams”.

Danilo Arsenijevic

Danilo is a doctor of medical dentistry from Serbia. He has been active in the WHO European Environment and Health process since 2010. Danilo won the European Commission’s competition for promotion of health of young people in Europe in 2009 as well as several other awards.

Jan Stangelj

Jan born in 1988 in Ljubljana, is passionate about medicine. He also likes music, photography, being active, mountains, diving, automotive enthusiast, always up for an adventure. He doesn’t like airports, shopping malls and doing nothing. He is currently in his last year as a medical student at the Medical Faculty of University of Ljubljana.

Elif Kamanlioglu

Elif from Turkey is a PhD student in Environmental Sciences focusing on the Sustainable Economic Development of Coastal and Marine Environments. Since 2004 she has been actively involved in various research projects in the fields of environment, environmental policy and sustainable development and social projects. She became a member of the EEHYC in 2012.

Petro Korol

Petro has over seven years of experience in the nonprofit sector. He earned a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Law from the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine. He is deeply involved in the process of democratization, human rights and civil society development, promotion of democratic values, support of human rights movements and result-driven Government-Civil society dialogue. For the last few years Petro has been working in the area of tobacco control legislation, including protection from exposure to second hand smoke and rights for clean air; fiscal and advertising policy in tobacco and alcohol control. Additionally, he provides legal consultations in the field of road safety legislation.

Charlotte Buchanan

Charlotte is passionate about youth participation in decision-making processes particularly with regards to environment and health. In 2009 she was a British delegate on a diplomatic exchange with China for “future political and business leaders.” Since then she has been invited to participate at youth conferences in Serbia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria and South Korea. Charlotte has a double Erasmus Mundus Master’s Degree from the Universities of Vienna and Roskilde and is currently studying for a PhD. She works in London and in her spare time is busy with political affairs. Charlotte has been a member of EEHYC since 2012.