The European Environment and Health Task Force held its third meeting in December 2013 in Brussels, Belgium. The prupose of the meeting was to review progress towards achieving the Parma commitments (2010-2014), governance aspects of the Environment and Health Process and to adopted of an the EHTF inter-sessional work plan for EHTF and the establishment of the working group for the implementation of the Framework for action on climate change and health (HIC, Health in Climate Change) disscusions on possible priorities and focus for the 6th Ministerial Conference in 2016 were also held.

Being the official representative of European youth as stakeholders in the European Environment and Health Process, EEHYC was represented in this meeting by Dovilė Adamonytė, member of EEHYC Executive Board. Dovile reported on the progress made by EEHYC, presented the main outcomes of the 1st EEHYC General Assembly, new Coalition‘s logo, website and the first EEHYC publication Promoting participation of young people in the European Environment and Health Process. She also expressed Coalition’s readiness to continue actively participating in the EEH process nationally and internationally.

The EEHYC participation in this meeing was possible with the generous support of the German Goverenment.