EHYC reprsented by Aleksander Vassiljev, Danilo Arsenijevic, Dovile Adamonyte, Jovana Dodos, Julia Baschinger, Marcello Pacitti and Natalia Ciobanu, was one of the participants in the Tunza Europe Youth Conference on Environment and Sustainable Development. The conference focused the role of youth in Rio+20 outcomes and follow up processes, the Post2015 development agenda, and implementation of the 10 Years Framework of Programmes for Sustainable Consumption and Production (10 YFP).

EEHYC representatives participated in the discussions and held a workshop for meeting participants. The aim of the workshop was to create the context for the young people to explore how environment and human health are linked in the context of Post-2015 agenda, and discuss possible directions for action under that framework (Air quality and health-, Soil quality and health, Climate change and health, Food security and health and Water quality & availability and health).

Other discussion topics included: priority areas for the development of the future United Nations Environment Programme, longterm strategy on the engagement and involvement of young people in environmental issues, youth engagement in Environment and Health issues, Youth Employment. Greeneconomy and enterprises were also among the topics discussed, alongside human rights and the environment, and other regional opportunities for sustaining active youth participation in sustainable development issues.