On 26 November EEHYC hosted a side event during the 3rd session of the Meeting of the Parties to the Protocol on Water and Health in Olso, Norway. The side event, organized and facilitated by Aidana Zhalelova, Jovana Dodos and Natalia Ciobanu focused on advancing youth participation in the implementation of the Protcol, and aimed at building a common understanding among participants about meaningful youth involvement in the implementation of water and health related projects and activities in the European Region.

The side event was attended by a number of 18 participants – representatives of national governments, media and NGOs, and resulted in EEHYC defining which tasks to undertake in the Protocol Work program for 2014-2016. It proved that both the Coalition and the Parties, as well as other stakeholders have a common vision about how young people can meaningfully contribute to the implementation of the Protocol.

Report of the Side Event.pdf
Annex 1 – Side Event outcomes.pdf